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Make Marriage Last… Forever

Make a lasting marriage based on forging your strength with your partner’s strength, then multiplying them both by your commitment to each other, so that no matter what life throws at either of you, both stand together.

The Marriage Code makes you stronger. You won’t want to throw away your strength. When people divorce, they see their partner as the problem. When people love, they see their partner as the solution.

People following The Marriage Code don’t divorce because they are not trying to make their life miserable by dumping their solution.

The effect of The Marriage Code on the desire of young people to marry is notable, as well. Knowing that one is building a life-long partnership, without the fear of divorce, encourages people to marry. Without the fear of divorce, one can marry in confidence.

Imagine a world where everybody lived by The Marriage Code. Imagine a world without prostitution.

Can you also imagine how much less pornography there would be in this world if we all turned our full attention to our real partners that we love completely, rather than seek escape with nameless bodies with smiles and looks, but without any depth or personality or love for their admirers?

You vowed to please your partner. Your partner vowed to please you. The two of you can focus on that instead of escaping to the Internet. In a world where The Marriage Code rules, shallow porn stars simply can’t compete, because they cannot love you.

The Marriage Code helps create confident children who can make their way into the world as productive and fulfilled adults. The Marriage Code gives them stability and a nurturing atmosphere, so they do not need to fear and doubt and worry and cower in a corner. The Marriage Code is like a safety net for them, so they don’t even have to think about the possibility of hurting themselves when they fall.

Research shows that the more stable the family setting a child experiences, the more successful he or she will be in life as an adult.

The Marriage Code reduces stress in the family. Sure, there are still events that happen – politics at work, bullies at school, challenges with studying, weather or financial events beyond our control. But with a strong commitment to each other and loyalty that can be counted upon, a family does not have to contend also with internal stress.

In fact, the supportive family bands together to reduce the stress coming from external sources. The Marriage Code is like a double-edged sword that cuts both ways in the family’s quest against stress.

This means not only happier families, but healthier families. Stress is a major contributor to the full range of diseases. When we are stressed, our immune systems are weak. When we have affection and feel loved, our immune systems are strong. The Marriage Code makes us healthier.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? The Marriage Code turns negatives into positives.

  • It reduces unhealthy stress, and it boosts our immune system.
  • It reduces internal family stress, and it unites the family in battling external stress.
  • It reduces frustration within the couple, and it strengthens you to both cope better with external frustrations.
  • It calms internal weather, and it helps couples weather storms that blow through.
  • It takes what divorcers see as the problem (their partners), and it turns them into their solution.

Call it spiritual alchemy, if you wish. The Marriage Code takes relationships to a whole new level. Well, not really “new”, but back to basics, back to the fundamentals, back to what really counts. We have drifted away from commitments and honor, from loving (love, the verb) and standing strong. It’s time to take back our lives and reclaim all that is good in the world.

This is world-changing stuff we are talking about. Imagine what this world would be like if everybody loved. Imagine what this world would be like if everybody was loyal. Imagine what this world would be like if everybody stood by their commitments.

Imagine what this world would be like if everybody lived The Marriage Code.

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